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Welcome to CTM Consulting


CTM Consulting is a firm of top professionals with distinguished and outstanding track record in consulting service. The team is a unique combination of professionals dedicating to providing the very best services to clients.

We believe that personal service and the development of long term relationships are key to successful understanding of client’s problems and finding their solutions. We determined in offering clients comprehensive tax corporate and financial services and personal attention without administrative costs and duplicated efforts. To ensure quality service, open communication and personal attention. One expert always has overall management responsibility for each client’s matter. We also strive to develop close working relationship with our client’s accounting, banking investment and insurance professionals. By remaining current with the business trends of our client’s various enterprises are use to establish mutual confidence and aspect.
Our professional staff participates actively in community. Our services include taxation, corporate, accounting, auditing, management consulting, electronic data processing and other related matters in assistance to private, public and other organizations.


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Service Departments

We have various service departments to fulfill the needs and requirements of our clients in a professional manner which are discussed hereunder in detail.

Taxation Management

We take assignments right from the tax planning, preparation and filing of tax returns to the finalization of adjudication of cases by representation before the Courts.

Taxation Advisory

Taxation like other business cost should be subject to good planning and control. We believe that all clients are different and need individual tax strategy.

Corporate Affairs

We provide services for the formation and establishment of all types of business entities, partnership firms and corporate bodies. The services include preparation of Memorandum

Accountancy & Audit

For bookkeeping and accounting and particularly for maintenance of record for Sales Tax purposes, we have prepared Computer Accounting Packages separately suitable to

Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy Division with a National Reputed Firm is fully competent to provide expert advice on all management matter including the following

Quality Management

ISO 9000 is a series of International Standards providing quality system for Companies and is being used to provide a Universal framework to companies for establishing quality assurance

Consulting Services

We offer an extensive range of support, consulting & training services. We have invested in a wide network of Dedicated professionals to provide the most comprehensive client support services in the industry.

  • Return Preparation & Filing – corporate & personal
  • Planing & compliance
  • Tax advisory
  • Adjudication, Appeals and References
  • Maintenance of record
  • Secretarial services for corporate affairs
  • Accounting & book keeping
  • Audit services
  • Business planing & cash flow arrangements
  • Business valuation & litigation support
  • Corporate finance accounting
  • Micro computer accounting advisory service

What Our Clients Say

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Jessica Smith
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