Computing Needs

Computing Needs

Commitment To Business Software Excellence

We recognize that many users have similar needs and identified these key elements of a solution to support personal computer accounting. Our first concern was to provide feature-rich, stable and powerful accounting software to handle a wide range of needs. The second key element was to develop an accounting system in a modern database language. The third criteria was flexibility. The answer provides the source code so users can customize the programs precisely to the needs of their business. We give our clients the option to purchase source code.

Customers responded enthusiastically to our focus on their needs. With the Database Accounting Library, personal computers can easily perform complex accounting tasks. From its formulation, on a powerful and sophisticated database language, to its open source code, Pride Database Accounting Library began a new approach to using personal computers for business.

We believe that the needs of today’s business user cannot be satisfied by accounting systems designed only for the bookkeeping. That wants immediate access to all their information.

Key Benefits Of Integrated Accounting System

Immediate access to information is the key benefit of an integrated accounting system. The usefulness of an accounting system is judged by its ability to translate facts and figure into the information you need, when you need it. This information is a key factor in tracking efficiency and forecasting the needs of your business. Each system in IAS offers powerful reports, based on feedback from our customers.