Introduction CTM

About Us

CTM Consulting is a firm of top professionals with distinguished and outstanding track record in consulting service. The team is a unique combination of professionals dedicating to providing the very best services to clients.
We believe that personal service and the development of long term relationships are key to successful understanding of client’s problems and finding their solutions. We determined in offering clients comprehensive tax corporate and financial services and personal attention without administrative costs and duplicated efforts. To ensure quality service, open communication and personal attention. One expert always has overall management responsibility for each client’s matter. We also strive to develop close working relationship with our client’s accounting, banking investment and insurance professionals. By remaining current with the business trends of our client’s various enterprises are use to establish mutual confidence and aspect.
Our professional staff participates actively in community. Our services include taxation, corporate, accounting, auditing, management consulting, electronic data processing and other related matters in assistance to private, public and other organizations.


CTM Consulting was established in 1998 in Pakistan and rapidly developed a reputation as the premier Service provider of sophisticated and enterprise-wide management and consultancy solutions. We are committed to innovation in consulting and training, as well as developing a culture, which encourages professionalism, opportunity and flexibility at every level.


At CTM Consulting, we base our reputation for success and client satisfaction on our consultative approach to build their confidence and loyalty. Through this approach, we help our clients to achieve maximum value from their system’s management implementations through better understanding of the Principles, Laws, Technologies, disciplines and processes that control their businesses. We offer the industry’s widest range of system’s management solutions and tools. This range of services enables us to meet diverse clients requirements for improved system planning and control at all levels & across the organization.

We are unique in ability to provide not only packaged services, but also fully customized planning & controls solutions. Many of our clients are using a combination of our services and consulting services into enterprise-wide planning and control systems.